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Pardon the Mess offers real, raw, and honest conversations about parenting our kids with biblical truth in a fast-changing world. Our guests will encourage you, remind you of what matters to the Lord, and make you laugh thinking “ain’t that the truth.” Join us as we commit to stay the course as parents, remembering that if we don’t teach our children to follow Christ – the world will teach them not to. Relax, there are no perfect parents, just a perfect God who is always ready to pardon our mess as we journey the parenting road together.

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Jun 4, 2022

Hey Friends,

I often get questions on books I would recommend for our kids and honestly, more often than not, I draw a blank. 


That’s why today’s bonus episodes of Pardon the Mess are dedicated to some of our very favorite authors and the children’s books they have written. These are books you can trust and your kids will love. Below you’ll find overviews of the books as well as links to the podcasts where we get the behind the scenes scoop with the authors. 


Let’s start with our younger kids (ages 4 to 8) and a conversation I had with Tricia Goyer and Amy Parker about their wonderful book, The Grumbles: A Story about Gratitude. Gratitude is a much needed quality in our kids, and this book (and our conversation below) provides great reminders for summertime.


Another great book for our littles is Claire and Anna Avidon’s, I Can Do Hard Things. These two ladies chat with us about refinement, perseverance, and encouraging our kids to take the hard road when God calls us to it. 


For our older kids (think ages 8-12), there’s a great devotional by Sarah Humphrey and Amy Parker called Solomon Says Devotional: 100 Days of Wisdom from the World’s Wisest King. Based on Solomon’s life, the book offers amazing lessons on peer pressure, finding your voice, living in confidence, and so much more. Sarah gives lots of wisdom in our conversation, so don't miss it. 


My last recommendation in this bonus episode is for girls ages 8-12, and it’s all about friendships. The ladies from The Ruth Experience remind us of our need for deep friendships  and the importance of being present, not setting up artificial boundaries, and being willing to invite others into our lives. Their book, 100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls is a great one for helping our girls navigate friendships. 


I hope these resources are a huge help to you! Grab a book and guide your kiddos well this summer. 


Resources from today's show: 


The Grumbles: A Story about Gratitude by Tricia Goyer and Amy Parker. 


I can do hard things by Anna Avidon and Claire Avidon. 


Solomon Says Devotional: 100 Days of Wisdom from the World’s Wisest King by Sarah Humphrey and Amy Parker 


100 Daily Acts of Friendship for Girls: A Devotional by Julie Fisk, Kendra Roehl, and Kristin Demery.